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  • How many windows can portable machines fabricate?

    Smartpower uPVC tools have been tested to create upto 500 windows in a month. However, it's recommended to use them to create 400-450 windows, or 15 windows per day.

  • Why portable machines?

    Portable machines have a massive advantage over fixed and bulky machines as they can be used to fabricate on site. Measurements, physical conditions may vary from place to place, and these machines can be used in almost every environment. Re-fabrication becomes child's play.

  • Can they be used for any profile?

    Yes, pretty much. Almost every tyoe of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride profile can be altered / created / manufactured using these tools. uPVC doors and windows are most commonly created using our tools. They can be used upto 3rd track channels.

  • Procedure of using uPVC tools?

    We have FREE training videos, step wise and detailed explaination of every sort of tool. You can get online and tele support from Smartpower on purchasing tools from us. Typically, the tools are easy to use and end users can start using them in a jiffy, even with less or no experience.

  • What about the service and spare parts?

    We provide free service and one year of guarantee; apart from that we keep a vast stock of spare parts which are readily available.