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Smart and modern tools for upvc

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Window welding Machines

Easy to use mechanical tools to hold two uPVC profiles together while a heated bag welds the edges together.

Window cleaning tools

Tools used to 'clean' the extra residue after the welding process for a neat and perfect finish. Easy to use, even for amatures!

Window water slot tools

Cut a hidden slot in the uPVC profiles for the rain water/ incoming water to let out, and to avoid unwanted nesting.

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thermal comfort

Smartpower uPVC tools are designed to provide thermal comfort to the user; user does not have to undergo heat due to inefficient motor parts or mechanical friction.

Free Support

With our state of the art training and support team, we have free YouTube training videos for our users and Free support for all uPVC tools' buyers.

growing market

Be a part of the change, uPVC is rapidly replacing the traditional aluminium doors and windows. And our uPVC tools, even more so. Changing the technology for the better.

Smart and modern

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Smartpower uPVC tools can be used by end users themselves with less or no experience yet yeild the highest quality of perfomance.

tough and rot resistant

Needless to say, our tools are hard to break. Materials are rot resistant; built with the highest grade of material.

low maintenance

If Tough and Rot resistance isn't enough for you, our tools are designed to be low maintenance. With minimum moving parts and less need of oiling and machine maintenance.

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outer cleaning tool

Cleans outer section after welding

center welding machine

Basic welding tool for uPVC profiles

45 Degree Water slot tool

Used to cut water slots in uPVC proflies

inner cleaning tool

Cleans inner section after welding

90 degree water slot tool

Used to vertically cut water slots

right/left  corner welding machine

Basic welding tool for uPVC profiles

plain slot tool

Slot cutting tool to drain out collected water

top cleaning tool

Cleans the top section after welding

pneumatic tools

Cleaning tools that work on Air pressure